Telugu Association of South Australia

TELUGU ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA formerly known as TASA was officially formed on 20 March 2007 as non-profit organisation and open to all people without any prejudice in its membership except that all members shall subscribe to aims and objectives of the organization.

To cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Telugu culture amongst residents of South Australia.We have very much concerned about the future of our children and youth. We have to work out the objectives to charge them to carry forward our cultural heritage. This is central and crucial to TASA’s orientation. TASA has to set the objectives to create the proper forums for children, youth, women and elderly. We have to build bridges between Andhra Pradesh and Adelaide to reinforce cultural roots. Cultural exchanges are the way to make our younger generation in Australia to understand our deep cultural values.

Language, literature, arts, traditions, historical events are integral to our Telugu culture. They are our breath, pulse and life. These are the pillars of our Telugu culture. This is a legacy to take forward to our future generations. This is a continuum between the past, present and future. How TASA can achieve this core objective is a fundamental question to be answered by our actions, programmes based on our strong organizational foundations. TASA enjoys good and cordial relations with all other Indian community organisations in Adelaide. We are working together and cooperate with each other.

The objectives of Telugu Association of South Australia (TASA) are:

  • To preserve, maintain and carry forward the cultural heritage of Telugu Community in Australia and in particular in Adelaide
  • To encourage and facilitate to follow the Telugu customs, traditions and values.
  • To foster friendship and understanding among Telugus and promote unity among the community.
  • To organize cultural, recreational and musical events and our Telugu festivals like Deepavali, Sankranthi and Ugadhi for the people of Telugu origin in Adelaide.
  • To promote young talent in the community and bring awareness among young generation about the rich Telugu cultural heritage.
  • To interact and promote relationship with similar Telugu organizations in Australia and in other countries for mutual symbiotic benefit.
  • To encourage individuals of the Australian community in general with its unique multicultural composition to participate in such activities to promote and spread the beauty of the culture of Telugu speaking people with those belonging to the Australian community. It is the belief of our organization that such inter-cultural understanding promotes the harmonious blending and understanding of the particular features that differentiates the cultures of the Indian sub-continent from those that compose this unique multicultural milieu of the continent of Australia.
  • To pursue with its efforts in the participation in any festivals and/or multicultural programs organised by other associations or governmental or non-governmental institutions and endeavor to fulfill their requirements so long as the basic presie of promotion of Telugu cultural aspirations of the association are not compromised.

In addition, efforts should not only be limited to participation in functions but also should be directed towards seeking support both financial or otherwise from different benevolent organizations or Governmental instrumentalities to assist in the promotion of the aims and objects of the association.