Mana Telugu Badi


Mana Telugu Badi is an initiative of Telugu Association of South Australia ( TASA), a not for profit organisation with a goal to impart Telugu language to the children of Telugu people living in South Australia. We believe literacy in the mother tongue strengthens cultural identity and heritage. Our motive is to nourish and cherish our language and culture in this foreign country, through teaching our mother tongue Telugu, to the upcoming generations in South Australia. Living in a multicultural society, it is agreed that it is important to understand and appreciate the roots of ones own culture while accepting the other cultures in the society. Our aim is to inculcate ethical and moral values in our teachings so that the children will learn our values, similar to how we have learnt them back in our days.

We sincerely believe that learning Telugu would not only help the children hone their multi-linguistic skills but also exploring customs and articulating values.

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